We exist as a community to offer praise, worship and thanksgiving to the biblical God, the Father, who reveals himself through his Son Jesus Christ and who sends his life creating Holy Spirit. We follow the teachings of the apostles and the early church fathers. We encourage you to learn more about our faith and our parish.


Feast of Dormition
Aug 16, 2020 / Church Sanctuary
9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am

Fr. Bill will bless flowers if you bring them.
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School Supplies Drive
Aug 31, 2020 / Porch Pickup

Students need supplies more than ever this year as they will not be able to share with each other. We are working with [Classroom Central]( to help them get what they need. There are two ways you can donate supplies:
1. Purchase supplies. When you have them ready, contact either Allison ([]( or Jaime ([]( for porch pick up. We will be collecting until August 31st!
2. Order supplies online and have them sent directly to Classroom Central: *Classroom Central, 2116 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208*
You can check Classroom Central's [Amazon Wish List]( for the most needed supplies. The top supplies are: pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, pocket folders, filler papers, composition books, dry erase markers, highlighters.

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Meal At The Mission (Please Donate)
Aug 16, 2020

We cannot volunteer at the Meal at the Mission. They are depending on local parishes and people for donations so that they can buy food.
We are not donating to our Loaves and Fishes bins.
We are not donating diapers and baby products for the FCC.
We are not donating socks for our Sock Drive.
However, we all can give a little extra to help the men at the Rescue Mission.
Our parish doesn't exist for us alone, but for those around us.
Let us be a ray of light during this time of darkness. Let us all help those in need!

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